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Electric vehicles are the future.

With a ban of all new petrol and diesel vehicles planned for 2030, it’s time to start thinking about how your fleet can take steps towards that goal.

Start your journey towards a fully electric fleet with help from our knowledgeable and friendly team.

Fleet customer journey

Phase 1 – Evaluation

We conduct a survey to establish the thoughts and needs of you and your drivers. What are your goals? What are your concerns about Electric Vehicles (EVs)? We are here to discuss and offer guidance on all elements of the journey with you.

Phase 2 – Analysis

We have a suite of tools to investigate which vehicles might work best for you. We will look at the Whole Life Cost (WLC) of replacing your current vehicles with hybrids or EVs, analyse your cost savings and see what impact the changes could have on your fleet’s CO2 emissions.


Phase 3 – Transition

We will help you to plan your timescales, discuss the logistics of changing to an electric fleet and examine your charging options. You might wish to make the change gradually over a period of time. Where will the vehicles be charged? What budget should you allow to enable the change?

Phase 4 – Operation

We will help you examine all the options for the ongoing running of an electric fleet. Perhaps electric pool cars would work best for you. Or we can discuss the merits of EV Daily Rental for some of your drivers. We can also assist with arranging the charging point installation process.


A sample of the electric vehicles on the market

Contact us to discuss the whole life costs of running your preferred EV


Having traded for over twenty years, Benchmark Leasing has built longstanding and loyal relationships with our funders. We are also a Leasing Broker Member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).

Latest News

Why go electric?

Reduced carbon emissions, with all the associated benefits this brings.
Cost savings. EVs are cheaper to run than vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs). Servicing costs are generally lower. Electricity is cheaper per mile than petrol or diesel.
Tax benefits for drivers. Benefit in Kind (BIK) taxation for EV drivers is very low. There's no road tax to pay for electric vehicles. Most congestion charges don't apply.
Some EV models allow real-time information from the vehicle to be accessed by drivers and fleet managers at their desks.
Prove your company's social responsibility credentials by incorporating hybrids and EVs in your fleet.

Want to stay with a traditional engine a little longer?

No problem, Benchmark Leasing is here to help you lease whatever type of vehicle you want to drive. We offer all forms of vehicle finance and fleet management including:
  • Contract Hire
  • Personal Contact Hire and Personal Contract Purchase
  • Low emission and electric vehicles
  • Minibus leasing
  • Fleet management services
  • Duty of care / risk management
  • Car Policy creation and consultancy
  • Accident management
We're able to supply all makes of cars and commercial vehicles.

Electric grants

The Government's Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has grants available, all designed to encourage the move to electric.

The Plug-in Car Grant is a 35% discount off the purchase price of a brand new EV, up to a maximum reduction of £3,000, creating a knock-on effect on the costs of a lease.

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) enables businesses to reduce the cost of installing up to 40 EV charging points for their staff, saving up to £14,000.

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) saves up to £350 off the cost of buying and installing a home charging point, with up to two per household.

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